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      Sam Mich is about "Decentralizing" Education, creating a borderless school of creative thought built on fun, tech, nostalgia and imagination. 

       Sam mich Mission is supplementing the public education models blind spots with Cooking and Financial lessons without being heavy handed on the subject matter through Merch, Toys and NFTs wrapped in a relatable entertaining package--- while using the teaching principles of beloved properties like Sesame Street; Pokemon, and Comic Books-- By not talking down to children, but giving them the opportunity to flex their full learning potential through creativity and art in a engaging way that feels familiar to their interests.
      Let's be real... the school system doesn't work for everyone we all know by now some of us learn differently. some of us audible learners, some are visual  learners, i know I sure was that... but, Sam Mich says;
      Why wait till they jacked up all their credit so badly that your forced to learn the lessons?
      how's this..
      Let's teach them how to never let that happen in the first place. 

      Financial Literacy.

      It's the answer. to all of it. 

      When i realized that. i  knew needed to take Sam Mich to a whole new level.
      join me at the table and let's break bread.
      Tim Jack,  Emmy-Awarding Editor and creator of Sam Mich